Monday, 10 August 2015

Review: 'Hardwired' The Hacker Series: One, By Meredith Wild

'Hardwired' is a sexy and lust-fuelled book which follows Erica Hathaway and Blake Landon's passionate relationship. When Erica enters her first major meeting with the hopes of gaining an investor for her new business she never expected to meet the gorgeous but infuriating Blake Landon. Sexy and dangerous she tries to stay away from him but finds herself unable to resist the chemistry between them. From the moment she meets him her world is turned upside down as she finds herself confronting her troubled past and having to do the one thing that scares her most... trusting someone other than herself.

PLOT: At times the plot was fairly predictable and unfortunately I guessed what was supposed to be the biggest surprise of the book about 10 chapters before it actually happened which was disappointing. However, the plot was enjoyable and readable so I don't feel that I can complain too much. Sometimes with adult books you find that the author drops in a sex scene every chance they get, I didn't feel that at all with this book. Luckily, the sex scenes all worked well with the plot and never felt random and out of place - also they were well written scenes that didn't make me cringe or skip the page which is always a bonus!

CHARACTERS: Erica was a great protagonist. This book is being compared to 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and I couldn't disagree more; unlike Anastasia, Erica remains strong and seems to be in control of herself all the time despite Blake's possessive and controlling tendencies. Erica always speaks out and defends herself which I found admirable. I also liked that she was a self-made success; after having a very difficult start in life she'd worked her butt off to become a smart, independent and successful woman. I thought it was great to see a hard-working woman who didn't give up her day job the moment she met the billionaire. Blake was a swoon-worthy male lead, smart, sexy and funny! I did find myself getting angry with him at times because he was so controlling it became a bit weird and stalkerish at times. Some of his actions could certainly be deemed questionable, but at the end of it all you could see how much he cared for Erica.

WRITING: The writing style was good not great. It was much more well-written than 'Fifty Shades' and I couldn't ever complain about it but I wouldn't rave about it either.

ROMANCE/FEELS: I really liked that Erica didn't give in to Blake straight away, the way she resisted him for so long really built up the anticipation and set her aside as a strong woman who wanted to remain professional under the circumstances. The sex scenes were hot and not weird so that was good. Unlike some adult books the romance never felt abusive - like previously mentioned some of Blake's actions were questionable - but he always felt remorse for his possessiveness and made it up to Erica. I thought they were a great couple to read about!

ENDING: I'm very intrigued by the ending and I will definitely be continuing with the series to see how Erica and Blake handle the challenges being thrown their way!

Overall rating: 3.5/5 Stars

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