Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Review: 'Girl, Interrupted' By Susanna Kaysen

Since 'Girl, Interrupted' is a memoir, and therefore, a work of non-fiction I will not be reviewing it in the same way I review works of fiction as it's not really appropriate.

'Girl, Interrupted' is Susanna Kaysen's real-life tale of the two years she spent in McLean Hospital following being diagnosed with a mental disorder. Throughout the book we learn what it is like to live in a mental hospital, we learn about the people Kaysen met and the stigma that has stayed with her since her time there.

Although I think the messages put across in this book are extremely important as we learn what it was like to be in a mental hospital in the 1960s, I couldn't help but to find the book pointless and frankly a little bit boring. A few chapters were simply three whole pages of medical jargon that had been copied out of a medical manual, these were ineffective, pointless and just felt like page fillers. I feel like this book didn't NEED to be written, it served no purpose really. Why Kaysen? Why not someone else who had spent time on a psyche ward? It didn't make sense to me to be honest.

Even writing this review I find it difficult to write more than a few lines because there is literally NOTHING to comment on, nothing to say I enjoyed, nothing to say I hated. Nothing. Inconsequential.

Overall I rated this book: 2/5 Stars.

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  1. Planning on reading this soon, sounds very interesting!

  2. It's certainly an interesting read!

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