Monday, 10 August 2015

Hardbacks VS Paperbacks

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It's time to discuss one of the most debated topics amongst the book bloggers of the world, which is better, paperbacks or hardbacks? Before starting this discussion, I would just like to state that ultimately I love all books: paperback, hardback, new, second-hand, perfect condition or tattered - it honestly doesn't matter to me as long as the story inside is beautiful. However, there is no denying that paperbacks and hardbacks each have their pros and cons. The points I make in this discussion will be based on when paperbacks and hardbacks are bought new.

COST: If you are like me and most of your money each month is blown on books then you understand that sometime you need to budget your book buying obsession. The best way to do this is by buying paperback copies of books as they are undeniably cheaper than hardbacks. Indeed, I often find it hard to justify paying almost £15 for a hardback book that I could pay £6.99 for to read the same content! In this category there is no denying that paperbacks win!

WEIGHT: I don't know about you other book addicts but my shelves have gotten a little fragile under the weight of my collection and they tend to collapse every now and then. For this reason I often prefer to buy paperbacks as they are so much lighter than hardbacks and therefore make my shelves' job a little bit easier. As well as this, I always take a book with me wherever I go so it's often better to have a lighter book to carry around rather than a heavier book, especially when travelling abroad or if you've already got a ton of bags to carry. Once again paperbacks seem to win this round!

ATTRACTIVENESS: Although you can get some lovely looking paperbacks, no one can argue that hardbacks aren't completely gorgeous whether they're off the shelf or on it. Paperbacks tend to come in all shapes and sizes and on a shelf the height differences between them make for a messy looking shelf. In contrast, hardback books are normally the same size and make your shelf look neat, tidy and pretty darn good. Hardbacks without a doubt win this round!

DURABILITY: When you open a hardback book the spine stays completely intact, the same cannot be said for paperback books! So many of my paperback books have broken spines after only one read, some of them look tattered and old despite being fairly new and having only be read the one time. Hardbacks however, due to their sturdiness hardly ever tatter or get ripped ensuring that they stay looking as good as new! Once again hardbacks win!

Although it appears to be a draw I have to admit that all round I do prefer hardbacks as a whole, however, I will continue to own a greater collection of paperbacks due to the price of hardbacks!

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