Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Review: 'Picture Me Gone' By Meg Rosoff

I really wanted to like this book. The blurb sounded amazing, the cover is beautiful and this author has always been highly recommended to me. However, although I read this book fairly quickly I didn't really enjoy it and I can say it's probably one of the worst books I've read this year. This being said, I didn't hate this book, the plot was great, I just couldn't get on with the author's writing style. As well as this, although the initial part of the plot is amazing, the little plot twist is predictable and - in fact- a little bit naff, and towards the end of the book you realise that the story is actually very pointless and has no lasting meaning or message to convey.

I didn't really like Mila as a main character. Considering she was meant to be twelve years old, she was much older than her years and this made her a really unrealistic and unbelievable character. As well as this, her so-called powers weren't believable at all, actually making Mila a pretty naff character and narrator. The other characters were so inconsequential I can't quite say anything about them really.

The writing style was awful. The time hops between the present day and the events between Mila and her friend Cat were pointless, they didn't connect in any way at all and were completely pointless. It annoys me how this author never actually includes speech, if you've read her books you'll know what I mean.

This book literally had no emotional effect on me. I wasn't happy when something good happened, I wasn't shocked when I was supposed to be, I didn't cry when I should've been sad. It was a bit of a disappointment really.

The ending was bad. It didn't tie up any loose ends and I found myself asking questions. Sometimes it's great when a book has an open ending because it leaves it open to interpretation, however, with this book it just didn't seem to work.

My overall rating for this book is 2/5 stars, because although I didn't particularly enjoy it I still managed to finish it and never felt like giving up on it.

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