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Review: 'Never Never' By Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

'Never Never' follows Charlie and Silas who have known each other since before they could walk, fallen in love with one another and made countless promises to one another. However, one day neither of them can remember anyone or anything about their lives... not even each other. Charlie and Silas must work together to uncover what's happened to their memory, but as they learn more about their lives the more they realise that they may not like the things they uncover. As they try to uncover the mystery difficulty arises as they begin to think their new personalities seem much nicer than their old ones and as feelings grow between the pair it's a race against the clock to discover the truth.

THE PLOT: As predicted I absolutely flew through this book. Not only because it's a short 150 pages long, but also because I was hooked in straight away. Hoover and Fisher set up the mystery so quickly and had me engaged and connected to their story within the first couple of pages. The whole premise is absolutely fantastic, and I enjoyed learning all this new information about the "old" Silas and Charlie while enjoying the humour and romance occurring between the "new" Silas and Charlie. This is a novella that's being written in three parts, and honestly, I cannot wait to dig my teeth into the next to parts of Silas and Charlie's story!

THE CHARACTERS: Charlie really stood out to me as a character in YA contemporary. It was great to see a female character in a YA book who wasn't a total dimwit/damsel in distress and totally dependent on her love interest. Charlie was fiercely independent and strong, I loved how protective she was over her sister - even though she couldn't truly remember her - in their family situation. It also really stood out to me how the "new" Charlie was so different from the "old" Charlie, and I loved seeing the contrast of moral between the two Charlie characters - this can also be said for the "new" Silas and the "old" Silas. Silas is definitely a swoon-worthy male character and I really loved him as a character. A lot of the humour in this story came from Silas and his sarcastic comments and I often found myself smiling at his jokes and even laughing out loud once of twice. The surrounding characters - although we haven't really gotten to know any properly - really help build up the element of mystery surrounding our leading characters' lives, so even though we aren't introduced to them in depth they still serve an important purpose.

THE WRITING STYLE: I'm not normally a huge fan of books that are written by two different authors, I sometimes feel that they don't flow perfectly and I can always tell one writers style apart from the other's. However, within this novella this didn't happen, everything ran fluidly and succinctly. Although this book isn't going to win any awards, it is well written and manages to keep the mystery intriguing throughout without ever causing me to lose interest.

THE ROMANCE/FEELS: The romance was fantastic but after reading some of Colleen Hoover's other works I expected nothing less from a book co-written by her. The "new" Silas and Charlie characters meshed so well together and I was waiting the whole time for them to give into their feelings. The connection they had was so strong I found myself actually becoming disappointed with them as I began to discover the things that they had done to one another before losing their memories as I didn't understand why two people with such a strong connection could risk losing that bond - this is one of the things I'm still desperate to discover in the remaining parts of this series. It was a very well written romance as you can sense how much the two leading characters care for one another, despite all their mistakes.

ENDING: That cliff-hanger though!

I'm rating this Novella/Book: 4/5 Stars

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