Friday, 28 August 2015

Review: 'Say Her Name' By James Dawson

I really really enjoyed this book. It follows Bobbie, a young girl who is a student at the prestigious Piper's Hall Boarding School for girls and her friend Naya and local boy Caine. On the night of Halloween our three main characters are dared to summon Bloody Mary, they do so fearlessly reminding themselves that there's no such thing as ghosts. However, the next day weird things start happening and a message is left for them... 'five days'. In five days Bloody Mary will come for them unless they can figure out a way to stop her. As the blurb states 'the truth is more terrifying than the legend'.

PLOT: I loved the plot for this book. The traditional Bloody Mary urban legend has always scared me so I loved the original take Dawson made on the famous legend. The story kept me guessing the whole time and I was genuinely terrified at some points. I don't think I'll be looking into a mirror properly for a very long time. The way the story all fit together was just perfect and I really really enjoyed everything about this book.

CHARACTERS: I really liked Bobbie as the main character, she never made stupid decisions (like in some horrors) and I never found myself rolling my eyes at her or what she was saying/doing. Naya and Caine were great secondary characters, and like Bobbie, they were never annoying or irritating. I liked how all of the characters were humorous, their joking lightened up the mood when need be but never interfered with the suspense in the story. The character of Bloody Mary was terrifying and as previously mentioned I won't be looking in mirrors properly for a very long time thanks to this book!

THE WRITING STYLE: Dawson's writing style is incredible. 'Say Her Name' is the first book of his I have read and I will definitely be picking up more of his works in the bookshop from now on. I always feel like Horror is the most difficult genre to write as it is so hard to do well, but Dawson's book was well written and terrifying and I absolutely loved it.

THE EMOTIONS/FEELS: When you found out the truth you couldn't help but feel sorry for the deadly spirit. I loved the way Dawson made you sympathise with the evil spirit even though you know right from the beginning how malevolent she is. Most of the time the emotion I was feeling was terror because this book is seriously terrifying but there was also laughter and swooning at the romantic parts.

THE ENDING: The ending was incredible. I love how it was left so open and then you turned the page and saw the little snippet of the news article. It was a chilling ending that really stuck with me.


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