Wednesday, 2 September 2015

T5W: Top 5 Fictional Cities

1. Alicante or The City of Glass from 'The Mortal Instruments' Series By Cassandra Clare

It's just described so beautifully and sounds so magical it had to have a place on my list! 

2. King's Landing From The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Series By George R.R. Martin

A lot of really horrible stuff happens in this city and yet I can't help but love it! It has so much character with all the different areas of the city and brings so much life to the story!

3. Diagon Alley From The 'Harry Potter' Series By J.K. Rowling 

So I don't know if this counts as a city but it's kind of in London so I'm sure it counts... right? Anyway Diagon Alley is one of my favourite cities because it's in Diagon Alley that Harry and the reader first experience all the magic the wizarding world has to offer! It's truly where the magic begins! 

4. The Emerald City From 'The Wizard of Oz' Books by L. Frank Baum 

This was one of the first fictional cities I was introduced to as a child and from the moment I read about it, it was a place I dreamed about visiting! It's described so beautifully and when you're reading the books you can see so clearly in your mind this glimmering green city.

5. Isle Esme From 'Breaking Dawn' By Stephanie Meyer

Yes I know it's an Island not a City but ah well! I would love to visit Isle Esme, it sounds so romantic and beautiful! Can you imagine getting to have your honeymoon on your own private island with no one to disturb you and your new hubby? Bella got a pretty sweet deal if you're asking me! 

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